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I drew this character in order to use her as one of the mains of my book covers, which I’m hoping to create in the following week before the exhibition.

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Paris In The Park Exhibition

The Exhibition came and went quickly. I switched my tree at the last minute but it went well.

The pieces went up between two trees, hung by string. The piece looked good, although it wasn’t hung correctly due to the string snapping after it had been hung up for a few minutes. It snapped due to too much tension being on the string on one side. Luckily, it snapped on the end of the bottom line of string and not in the middle.

The exhibition went well, I sold a couple of paintings that I had done on the side of these pieces.


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‘Just Another Number’ in My Project

As I began working on the project, I began writing a short story titled Just Another Number. The book is based on a modern concentration camp. As this begins, I draw an arm with a barcode/serial number similar to that of inmates of Auschwitz and Ravensbruck.

After this, I began working on illustrating certain parts of the book, one being the miscarriage suffered by Agatha; who had been raped, impregnated, and later beaten. Once finishing this piece, I began experimenting with colour and the human body.

I plan on doing watercolour portraits for the final piece.