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My New Job

I was recently told by my teachers that I articulate well.

Articulate – 

Definition: having the ability to speak fluently and coherently.

So, because of that and my pressing need to fight my Anxiety Disorder, I decided to challenge myself. I found a post on Facebook asking for people to work as radio presenters. As a lover of music, I decided to hand in my application and see what happens. After applying, they answered pretty quickly and I began training the following Monday.

After that, I’ve been training once, twice, and even three times a week. I’ve been on-air four times, and I’ve been given two shows to take care of.

My temporary show, which will be mine until the Sunday presenters finish their training, is tomorrow – Sunday, 2pm while 3pm. And my permanent show will be on Mondays, starting June 12th, 1pm while 2:30pm. I’m quite excited to be able to play music for people and have a bit of a talk as well.

I’m also going to be on this Monday with Beastie, my boss, for the Really Late Breakfast show from 11am.

I’ve also been doing a lot of graphic designs for them, so if you see anything with 5 Towns Radio on it, that’s my work!

I’m still trying to figure out what to call my show, I’m hoping to figure it out what to call it before my permanent show of June 12th starts.

If you’d like to listen in, whether it’s my show or anyone else’s, go to and click Listen Live or search 5 Towns Radio on TuneIn.

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Final Major Project Statement of Intent

Title: Normalised Hate

As an extension of my previous project, I am going to be looking into Religion and LGBT+, specifically looking into religious practices toward LGBT+ members and the effect religion has on some LGBT+ members. My project is entitled Normalised Hate; I will be accounting my and others experiences of conversion therapy and LGBT+ hate crimes committed by religious groups and religion-influenced practitioners. The end goal of my project is to make non-LGBT+ members aware of the discrimination we go through by creating a series of graphic designs.

To start my research, I will be looking at statistics and texts that show the statistics of LGBT+ discrimination, including the percentage of homeless youth due to their parents, whose religious convictions make them intolerant to the LGBT+ community. I will also be looking at statistics provided by Live Love Laugh Ranting (LLLRanting). I will be researching digital and graphic artists, such as Jessica Walsh, Chip Kidd, and Saul Bass. I plan on going to the Hepworth Art Museum to see the Disobedient Bodies exhibition – I am also hoping to go to Abbey House Museum to see their Fairy Tales and Fantasy exhibition which will inform my ideas on how to present truth as fiction in order to deliver a strong message, as academic research has shown that readers are more likely to believe fiction than fact.

I hope to work, mainly, through digital art while also using some traditional techniques, such as watercolours and sketching. I plan on working through both pencil and digital sketches in the beginning to get my ideas out before going more into graphic designing. I hope to learn to use Vector drawing software to make my graphic designs. I’m going to be experimenting with different software’s in order to find the best software to make my graphic designs with; I’m hoping to test Canva, Photoshop, Illustrator, Pixlr, Sketchbook, Affinity Photo, and Affinity Designer. For the first few weeks of my project, I plan on practising my graphic design skills while researching. I will also be talking to people outside of college and getting critiques, as well as asking about their experiences with hate crime.

I will be keeping a daily journal to accompany my project to record my thoughts and ideas, as well as review my processes and progress toward the end goal of the project. I will be having discussions with staff and students within college about my work and ideas, as well as talking to Artists outside of college who are LGBT+ to ensure that my project is coherent and comprehensible, but also powerful enough to get the message across.




  • Week 1 – Artist research: I will be looking into Saul Bass, Andy Warhol, and Jessica Walsh, to start. I will also be doing Idea Building, looking into discrimination crimes of the past hundred years.
  • Week 2 to 4 – I will be researching and practising using different pieces of software, using different processes, in order to find the best working process for my work.
  • Week 5 to 6 – Exploring Designs: I will be experimenting with different styles and colours, in order to find which design is more successful in attracting attention.
  • Week 7 to 8 – Working on making the text standout and making sure the message is going to come across strong.
  • Week8/9+ – Designing the final pieces and getting them printed large scale.