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I’ve been running for so long, years.

Trying to save myself from the monsters.

But you can’t run from what’s inside of you.

The monsters haunt me, torment me, tear me limb from limb in my dreams.

There is only so much you can do to protect yourself, from yourself.

via Daily Prompt: Flee

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Word, Image, Sequence Evaluation

Starting this project, we began with studying the four keywords: Time, Body, Place, Identity. I made four mind maps in my book, before brainstorming ideas.

I initially came up with three ideas, and settled on one only to change it to another. I decided to focus on my mental health, specifically my PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder). This is because I decided to try and make my project somewhat scary, to attempt to get my point across of how terrifying it is to have PTSD. However, I decided to change the idea slightly, sticking with my mental health, but also looking at my Depression, OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder), and Anxiety. The beginning of the project for me was directly looking at portraits. I did my first portraits in full colour, making them as vibrant as possible while still keeping them simple. After this, decided to have a look at comic strips, trying to get my message across using a story line. All of the comic consisted of events which has happened. I reconsidered my art style of being bright, and changed my work to be bold but monotonal. Most of the comics only had one colour in them, this was inspired by William Kentridge. I decided to do this in order to make the colour stand out, making the object, person or action look more important that the rest of the comic.

After doing the first few comics, I decided to look into animation. To start with, I decided to record pieces of my creating but later starting to make full, flowing animations using a flipbook tool. I made one, directing it toward my abuser, while the other was just of Nova (my comic character) crying.

From this, I then went on to make a full comic book, consisting of twenty-nine panels, with eighteen pages. The comic book explained the result of the abuse and my adjustment to high school and college.

Although, I initially was going to use the comic book as my final piece for the exhibition, I chose not to due to the amount of writing. I chose to change my idea, very close to the exhibition date.

I changed my idea a little, going back to the portraits that designed at the beginning and looking at a spookier look in them. They were inspired by Tim Burton and Edward Gorey, looking into a childish style of creation why still making them look fairly terrifying. Each portrait had a caption and a title. I decided to make one on each key part of my comic book, one based on my ex-counsellor, who blamed me for being a victim; one based on a teacher in high school, who threatened to get me sectioned; one based around my Depression and how it feels like I’m always wearing a mask, and how I wish I didn’t have to; another based around how society forces us to be a certain way or we’d be blame us for not trying; one on my Anxiety and how it feels to be scared all the time; one on OCD and being trapped in my brain while another is PTSD and shows how it feels to be getting ripped apart from the inside out; and finally, one on how bullying can cause suicide.

I chose to exhibit my work in a confined area in an attempt to make the portraits and the topic itself look slightly more horrible to try and make the viewer feel the terror that the portraits present.

In conclusion, this project has made me realise that my passion is both for digital art, and for illustration. Before this part of the course, I was unsure which area I would like to work in – now I know, I don’t want to work with oil paints, or acrylic, I will most likely work with pencil and digital art, as well as illustration which I have growing interests within.

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Exhibition Observation: Molly McAndrews

(The images below are of Molly McAndrews’ work, a fellow Art Foundation Student in my class.)

Molly’s exhibition was truly haunting. She focused on the refugee crisis that is currently happening, but isn’t being shown by many media outlets.

The exhibition consisted of a series of three paintings, an image on a screen, and a collection of various different styles of shoes.

The three paintings are rather moving, you can see figures in the smudges and the brush movements show motion to the figures within.

The collection of shoes, each pair representing a different person, showing that it’s not just one type of person, nor is it just adults as there are many pairs of children’s shoes. I’m unsure to whether or not it was intended, but the way the shoes are presented remind me of how the Nazi’s took and stacked the shoes of the holocaust victims, further making the viewer think about the situation which the current refugees are facing.

And finally, the photograph which was presented on a Mac monitor. The photograph’s lighting is perfect in the topic which is being explored, making the model look as if she’s coming out of the darkness which surrounds her.

The work made left people in awe while also left them thinking on the topic. She shone a light on a very urgent issue which is often ignorant and left in the shadows. It is truly amazing.

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Exhibition Observation: Bethan Grant

This is not my work, this is the work of Bethan Grant, a fellow Foundation Art Student in my class.

Bethan’s piece is strong in more ways than one. Her exhibition piece is brightly coloured, and bold in the design of how she has made her female characters into the animals featured behind them. The characters illustrated have been drawn amazingly. The colour scheme is preventing class while keeping each piece stylised, making each image to be pleasant on the eyes. The characters have been put in positions of power, each one with a weapon. I’m unsure to whether or not is was intended, but these pieces would definitely empower women. Showing the female form in all of its glory while still showing the strength it can have compared to the ideologies of people, majoritively misogynists, who believe the female form is delicate and incapable of such authority and control. The positioning of the characters with their weapons is not the only thing that suggests strength. The animals behind the characters are all a part of nature, and without their supremacy in nature they would have become extinct. The two on the left may not have a weapon, like the two on the right which have extremely sharp teeth, but they have the ability to continue living by escaping from their predators.

The detail in the images, the tone of the characters, and the planets in the background give her work a powerful feel and are extremely interesting. They remind me of Jirni by Aspen Comics with commanding female characters, being presented as Guardians in a way. I’m looking forward to seeing more.

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Exhibition Observation: Darcy Prentice

The work presented were sequences showing progression from
the original image to the end piece. Each sequence showed a beauty between
nature and women, the clear link between women and nature is shown through the
paper cuts in which flowers are presented on the final stage of each sequence.
With the moving image piece showing the Life Model with angel wings, it
reminded me, and possibly other audience members, of a phrase by William
Makepeace Thackeray, ‘A good woman is the
loveliest flower that blooms under heaven… its delicate bloom of beauty.’
reason her work reminded me to this particular quote is both due to the
delicate flower design, the angel wings, but also due to the boldness of the
images, indicating that they are a part of nature and their beauty is pure, but
also that the women shown in the work are bold and, although they are stereotypically
presented as such, they aren’t as delicate as flowers even though they are as
beautiful as such.

The natural beauty of the Life Model comes to life in the
animation, showing each and every curve of her body as she moves. It captures
the eyes of the audience, intriguing them and causing them to look closer, to
find more detail, and appreciate it more the longer they look at it. Her beauty
being shown perfectly in such well-done line drawings.

(All Artwork, shown below, belongs to @darcy-prentice-art)