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Family Ties – Update #1

Now that Tobias is published, I’ve started writing the second book in the series, titled: Family Ties.

The book is underway, but due to writers block I have only written half of the first chapter – most of which is readable as a preview in Tobias.

I’m hoping to get the book done by February, but I won’t guarantee anything until it’s at least halfway to completion. I’m also hoping that it’s going to keep up with the standard of the previous book – if not being better than Tobias. So, we’ll see.

Once the book is complete, I will be selling it as a single book (paperback and eBook as usual), but also as a combination book – so it will also be sold as an eBook with Tobias! So, you can buy both at the same time. However, it won’t be available for paperback with Tobias.

But, if you want to catch up now, click HERE for the Tobias purchase links! I hope you reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it!


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My Mate Has Been Released!

My Mate is now for sale on! You can find the purchase links below!

My Mate eBook
Ebook cover


Amelia Billie Gabriel stopped ageing in 1955 after living through the Great Depression and World War Two. Now, she is the heir to the supernatural throne. But, to take her throne – she needs a mate. After finding her soulmate war breaks out, leaving hundreds dead, including her friends and family members. Will she find her way? Will there be a crowning? Or will her kingdom fall to its knees?

Including a mature bonus scene in Billie’s Perspective.

An LGBT+ Romance, Fantasy Novel.

Click HERE for purchase links!


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Tobias Is Up For Sale!

After a long three months, Tobias is finally available to purchase. However, there are two ways to do so!

You can purchase the book from me – whether it be an eBook or paperback. Paperbacks are signed. (Warning: Lulu do not sell Kindle compatible eBooks, if you require a Kindle file, please purchase it from me.)

Or you can buy the book from Lulu – hard copies are printed on demand.

If you’d like to buy, click the images below!


Purchase an eBook or Paperback from me.
paperback lulu
Purchase a Paperback from Lulu
ebook lulu
Purchase an eBook from Lulu










Doctor Tobias Frost is a twenty-nine-year-old recluse with an extremely high IQ. After fourteen years of hiding, using alias’, and working for a simple minded tech company, he is found by the lead hacker of a government contract team called The Orcas. Joining the group, the five of them work together to save lives. With their combined IQ of 926, they can solve any problem… Right?

Book 1 of The Orcas series.

Including a sneak peek of Book 2: Family Ties.

A Science Fiction, Action/Adventure, Romance novel.


If purchasing from me, you will have to pay via Paypal.


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My Mate Release!

After years of saying I’d do it, I have finally done it.

In 2016, I finished writing My Mate – from there, on Wattpad, it reached over one hundred thousand reads. It is effectively my most read book, and it hasn’t even been released yet.

When I finished the book, I was asked by several people to publish it. But due to the cost of self-publishing and no publishing house taking my work due to my Dyslexia…

I decided not to. But this year, I found Lulu and decided why not give it a try!

So, here it is!

My Mate is going to be released for purchase as a paperback on September 13th, 2017 from

However, you can pre-order a copy by emailing me at

It’s been edited and slightly changed, and a tad expanded. It’s not the longest book, but none of mine are due to my writing mainly being for short attention spanned people, it is 130 pages in length (a little shorter than Tobias, which is just under 160).

Now, for a big reveal – the book cover! As I do with all my books, I use the main image for the Ads extra so it ties in.

So, here it is:

My Mate Paperback

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Tobias Release!

Tobias has been in the making for three months, now. And with it being finished, I think it’s about time to release the book.

So, the release date has been moved forward to September 6th 2017.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

If you want to Pre-Order a copy – they will be signed, and will most likely arrive a few days before anything ordered from Lulu (due to myself being able to order from Lulu now), feel free to message me or email me at 

If you missed the cover release, click HERE.